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Automate Digital Security

BAAR helps organizations rapidly automate complex security-related tasks 

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Business Automation AI and Robotics

Automated Workflows

Scalable automated workflow-driven architecture to build and execute end-to-end processes using parallel processing and multi-threaded architecture


Document Intelligence

Integrated Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning based structured and unstructured data extraction and classification tool for document ingestion and management


Reporting & Analytics

Powerful reporting, analytics and data visualization engine for real-time monitoring and analysis

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Low Code Platform

Intuitive, easy to use process recording and no-code  tools for building components to automate complex workflows with robust Python integration

if required


Robotic Process Automation

RPA functionality is built into the automated BAAR workflow.  You can use RPA with analytics, AI or integrated with other systems.


Industry Solutions

Drag and Drop functionality with domain specific  pre-built component library for rapid development and deployment

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What is Business Workflow Automation


Business Workflow automation enables organizations to achieve Digital Transformation objectives by automating end to end workflows leveraging rules-based, cognitive and artificial intelligence  capabilities 



  • Structured and unstructured data extraction and processing

  • Multi-threaded and parallel workflow automation

  • Integrated analytics, reporting and visualization

  • Native intelligent, OCR, ML, NLP and other AI components

  • Sophisticated computer vision and deep learning algorithms to operationalize AI



  • Workflow driven architecture to automate complex processes​

  • Robust  and scalable data processing capabilities

  • Low code platform with ability to easily embed custom code​

  • Unique pricing models aligned to customer goals​

  • Industry solutions with ready to deploy components


Business-friendly engagement models


Traditional software licensing models that are based on “price per bot” model may not be aligned to customer’s  ROI objectives. With BAAR, we offer a straightforward price per process model so that customers can determine upfront their return on investment. The uncertainty of cost overruns due to additional licenses, the incremental cost per page are eliminated ensuring the integrity of the business case.   


Up to 50% of implementations haven’t achieved their objectives due to the inability of teams to automate end to end processes in a timely manner. To assist clients, we have established an inhouse “BAAR Factory” comprising of highly knowledgeable and experienced business and software engineers. The “Factory” builds ready to use workflow components as well as customer-driven components at a lower marginal cost.


Working with our clients and industry leaders, we have built industry specific solutions in areas such as Identity, Risk and Compliance (IRC) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The industry solutions are ready to deploy with pre-built interfaces to industry standard systems. The solutions enable to deploy solutions rapidly and solve specific problems.


BAAR is a low code platform that provides solutions based on a meta flow. This is a combination of multiple workflows that work in tandem to automate complex processes.  BAAR's unique licensing model allows process level licensing rather than licensing by BOT (or task). This considerably reduces the TCO and allows more automation per dollar spent.

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