Augmented AI

AI that works with us 'Humans' so, together we deliver better

BAAR is an expansive AI-enabled and integration driven cognitive transformation ecosystem. A fully integrated cognitive framework that has embodied in it, capabilities of automation along with very powerful integration (API and connector) and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This helps provide smart automation (Smart digital employees) as against automation that is superficial and tactical.


Michelle is a digital employee who is the front end for BAAR and can take commands from you and run the required automation flows. She learns like a human would and gets smarter at her work over time.

Integrated Automation Framework

BAAR enables your organization into the FUTURE

  • Test Controls for GRC

  • Contact center - Intraday management transformation

  • IT Operations

  • Manage Documents for Supply Chain

  • Customer Care

  • Integration of Legacy and New Age systems

  • Provide Software Robots for Automation of Business Processes

  • Digital Testing and Automation of Controls for Risk Management​


Your Digital Employee

Michelle, an AI platform with a Brain

and Hands. Your digital employee 


who will complete work assigned to

her with a very high degree of accuracy,

effectiveness and speed.


Michelle AI Framework


BAAR Transformation

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