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Contact Center Automation

Intraday management of a contact center is a complex and elaborate process. Non-integrated systems add to the complexity and call for manual intervention. BAAR helps transform the way Intraday management at a contact center is done.Michelle, your digital Intraday analyst will do it for you.

Some examples of the Intraday automation done by BAAR:

Threshold Monitoring and Remediation

Monitor values and make changes to call back or overflow thresholds. E.g. monitor values of EWT/ASA/CIQ in any Web or Native application and make changes to Call back thresholds in the contact center platform

Overtime and Time Off Management

Based on real time stats send out emails to agents for voluntary overtime or time off

Targeted Training of Agents

Increase FCR and AHT by assigning relevant training to agents based on business rules (CIQ/EWT/SLA etc.). Extend this use case to coaching of agents setup based on similar business rules. Make productive use of low volume hours

Task Management

Assign tasks to agents based on low call volumes. Tasks can be pulled from any task management system

Channel Balancing

Based on Channel interaction volumes, move blended agents from one channel to another hence maintaining service levels or temporarily shut down a channel if needed

Agent Reminders

Call back reminders to agents based on Business Disposition codes. This will aid reduction in repeat callers by proactively reaching out to customers

Custom Dashboards

Set up custom real-time reports/dashboards/wall boards based on data from multiple systems that are not integrated. Inbuilt AI and analytics for predictive reports

Break Optimization

Adjust agent schedules so calls that extend into the agents break time are accounted for. The agent and team lead will be notified of the same

Agent Rewards

Based on business rules, set up employee of the day emails and/or reward agents with a break

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