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Digital Identity

BAARIGA automates Identity, Governance and Administration for your environment. Legacy applications, Main Frames and New Age Applications Included. 

BAARIGA combines the power of AI and automated workflows to deliver secure and sustainable Identity management solutions

Identity Lifecycle

BAARIGA will action new users, terminated users as well as a change to a user (e.g. designation change) in a fully automated way.

This extends to creation of an ID, email ID as well as buying licenses.

Access Provisioning

Access provisioning to applications that use the Active Directory for authentication and authorization, as well as applications that self authenticate users. Legacy as well as new age apps.

User Access Review

Automated user access review. BAARIGA has data collection nodes that collect access info directly from applications. Access is revoked automatically, if needed.

Single Sign On

Single sign on for legacy as well as Single Sign on compliant applications. The SSO component of BAARIGA provides a secure way to ensure a user needs to have access to just one password - BAARIGA.

Segregation of Duties

BAARIGA will check to see if there are users who have conflicting roles in applications. This can be inter-application or intra-application. This helps reduce the possibility of fraud.

Password Reset

BAARIGA provides a self serve portal for password resets. No more requirement of calling the IT helpdesk to reset either the Windows password or passwords to legacy apps.

Policy Enforcement

Out of the box as well as custom policies can be setup for managing identities. These policies ensure security as well as compliance to standards.      

Audit Reports

Out of the box as well as custom audit reports can be created. These reports are updated automatically at scheduled intervals or can be run in an adhoc manner.

BAARIGA has a unique architecture, built on AI powered drag and drop workflows. This ensures quick deployment as well as flexibility to suite your environment.

Access and Security at the speed of business for your users


Self-serve portal for requesting password resets. Multiple channels can be set up e.g. text message, chat, and others. Update to contact information has never been easier.

IT Teams

Access administration is automated. The IT teams can focus on keeping the environment running, rather than providing and monitoring digital access.


Identity-related controls are monitored and tested on a continuous basis. Up-to-date compliance reports are available at the click of a button. Custom reports can be setup if your environment has unique needs.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




Identities Secured


Man hours saved

Are You Ready to Secure and Automate your Identities?

The BAARIGA can help

The BAARIGA team will help with the following:

1) Deploying BAARIGA

2) Connecting with all applications

3) Identifying the required controls

4) Identity Lifecycle automation

5) Continous Monitoring of controls

Secure your digital identities.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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