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BAAR is a “cloud-first” Business Workflow Automation platform specializing in industry-specific solutions that can be deployed rapidly.


BAAR enables organizations to achieve Digital Transformation objectives by automating end to end workflows by deploying rules-based, cognitive, and artificial intelligence capabilities. It helps “Digitalize Your Operations” through a scalable workflow-driven architecture, industry-specific components, and easy to build no/low code platform for rapid deployment.

BAAR delivers sustainable cognitive automation capabilities combining the power of:

Automated Workflows 


Computer Vision Capabilities

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Reporting and Analytics


Low Code Platform


Robotic Process Automation

Concept of building success foundation.

Industry-Specific Solutions


Business Automation AI and Robotics


Core Workflow Hyper Automation (WHA) Engine

  1. Low/no code studio to build workflows with drag and drop functionality to build/re-use nodes

  2. Ability to natively embed python code if required

  3. Plug-and-play recorder for automating web applications


Integrated Document Extraction
and Analytics (DEA) engine

  1. Intelligent Optical Character Recognition engine for structured/semi-structured and unstructured data extraction                                                               

  2. Comprehensive Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities powered by Computer Vision and Deep learning advances such as Bi-directional Long Short Term Memory (LSTMs), Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) and Convolutional Neural Nets (CNN)            

  3. Ability to embed automated assisted Machine Learning through “human in loop” implementation


Scalable architecture with multi-threaded parallel processing capabilities

  1. Ability to processes large volumes of data and complex processes with single bot

  2. Customizable Robust reporting and real-time visualization engine

  3. Flexibility to deploy on premises as well as cloud

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