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Eliminate Human Error and Time Lost in Repetitive Tasks
—Automate Your Company’s HR Needs with BAAR  


The HR department of any mid- to large-size company is often caught in a backlog of work that is repetitive and prone to human error.

  • Screening, evaluating, and selecting candidates to interview is a time-consuming process – HR staff spend hours manually sorting through resumes, emailing back and forth with candidates to schedule interviews, and writing offer letters.

  • Managing payroll, tracking employee hours, verifying attendance, and reimbursing travel expenses are laborious tasks that must be done right on a regular basis, creating a huge time drain for HR staff.

  • Orchestrating shift bidding and managing nuanced exit procedures for employees leaving the company can preoccupy HR staff because these processes must be carried out consistently and fairly each time.


AlliedMedia has the automation solution your company needs to turn a backlogged HR department into the epitome of efficiency. Presenting, BAAR.


  • BAAR (Business Automation, AI, and Robotics) is a virtual agent, our multi-pronged automation solution to a variety of corporate needs. 

  • With the help of BAAR, your company’s HR staff won’t waste time on work that a virtual agent could do more efficiently. Instead, they will be free to focus their energy on more complex tasks that require human attention. 

This page details how BAAR can optimize your company’s HR department. Please refer to our other pages for more information on BAAR’s Legal, IT, Finance, Supply Chain, and IGA (Identity, Governance, and Administration) capabilities.

Automate the process of hiring new employees

Our surveys show that 60% of companies take over one month to hire a candidate to fill a vacancy. The process of evaluating candidates’ resumes, emailing back and forth with the qualified applicants, and scheduling interviews constitutes a massive time drain for HR staff.

This traditional, inefficient hiring process is typically followed by an inefficient onboarding process, in which the new employee is initiated into the company’s payroll, given account usernames and passwords, and so on.

BAAR renders this sequence of events in a much smoother and easier way for your company:

  • Resume Screening and Candidate Shortlisting:

    • Gathers and screens resumes or online application forms

    • Conducts background checks on candidates

    • Compares candidates’ qualifications to job requirements

    • Produces a shortlist of eligible candidates for the position

    • Notifies candidates for interviews, feedback, or rejection based on predefined rules that you can edit with the click of a button

  • Interview Scheduling:

    • Writes to candidate in the same language as their resume

    • Checks availability of interviewer based on their calendar

    • Schedules interviews and notifies both the candidate and the interviewer with the date, time, and location

  • Job Offer Administration, New Hire Setup, and On-boarding

    • Emails tailor-made offer letters to each new employee

    • Sends predefined onboarding documents to each new employee

    • Sets up new employees with the accounts and access to company systems that they need to be productive workers from Day 1

Automate the Management of Time, attendance, and payroll

For companies that aren’t rapidly hiring, the greatest time drain for the HR department is usually managing payroll. In order to pay employees properly, HR must constantly track their hours, verify their attendance, and reimburse their travel expenses.

BAAR allows your company to automate these repetitive processes:

  • Time and Attendance:

    • Cross-checks reported hours and attendance with log-in times

    • Alerts HR when there is an inconsistency that needs to be investigated

  • Travel and Expense Management:

    • Compares reimbursement requests against predefined rules and regulations to ensure that employees are complying with the company’s expense policies

  • Payroll:

    • Can run batch extracts, imports, and validation for gross-to-net processing

    • Tracks payments and government taxes without inaccuracies or delays

Automate Shift Bidding and Employee Exit Management

Shift bidding for current employees and exit management for employees leaving the company both demand careful HR oversight because they must be carried out in a fair and consistent manner each time.

Unfair shift bidding leads to unhappy employees who are more likely to leave the company. Bungled off-boarding for exiting employees raises audit flags that can take days or weeks to fix – not to mention, it hurts the company’s reputation.

BAAR ensures these procedures are conducted consistently, fairly, and efficiently:

  • Shift Bidding:

    • [Fill in fact 1]

    • [Fill in fact 2]

  • Exit Management:

    • Organizes the off-boarding process: generates exit documents, conducts exit surveys, notifies the relevant people, revokes system access, and processes final payments

    • Consolidates feedback from exiting employees and feeds it to downstream systems

Set up BAAR for Your Company’s HR Department Today

This was just an overview of BAAR’s HR capabilities – our virtual agent can do much more for your company.

If you’re interested in learning more about how BAAR can help your company achieve its full potential, contact us today to request a demo.

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