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Take Digital Security to a New Level:

Automate Identity, Governance, and Administration (IGA) for Your Company with BAAR


Companies that lack adequate digital security risk falling victim to cyberattacks, losing millions of dollars and consumer trust. Across the world, the average cost of a corporate data breach in 2018 was USD 3.86 million, and each breach took an average of 196 days to identify.


  • Server hardening is necessary to protect servers from security issues, but many companies lack the tools to do it.

  • Companies often fall behind on patch management due to the constant stream of patches that must be applied, if necessary, to the appropriate applications.

  • Digital testing and controls automation can foster an environment conducive to continuous monitoring, but companies may lack the requisite workflows


AlliedMedia has the automation solution your company needs to take its digital security to a new level: BAAR.

  •  BAAR (Business Automation, AI, and Robotics) is a virtual agent, our multi-pronged automation solution to a variety of corporate needs. 

  • With BAAR, your company can automate server hardening, patch management, and control testing. Your company will have the digital security it needs to earn consumer trust and avoid costly data breaches. 

This page details how BAAR can optimize your company’s IGA capabilities. Please refer to our other pages for more information on BAAR’s HR, Legal, IT, Finance, and Supply Chain capabilities.

Identity Governance and Administration for your ERP

An Identity Governance and Administration service specifically tailored for leading ERP products like Oracle, SAP, Workday etc.


Streamline and automate mundane, time consuming User Identity and Security Administration tasks to enhance delivered User / Security Administration capabilities in Oracle Applications Cloud.


Backup and Create Test, Service and Administrative accounts using Excel templates and automate post POD refresh User / Security Administration tasks.


Pre-built integration of ITSM tools like ServiceNow with Oracle Applications Cloud to process and automate provisioning of User Access Requests, including approval workflows.


Automated Testing of key security controls like User Termination, Access Pattern analysis.


User Access Review for Oracle Applications Cloud + other ERP, custom business software / IT systems.


Pre-built Segregation of Duties rules and processes to monitor and identify SoD conflicts, privileged access.

BAAR makes the Identity Governance and Administration process simple and inexpensive:

  • Improves the overall Efficiency for managing identity governance and administration of your ERP:

    • Reduces manual and mundane repetitive tasks

    • Helps you manage some controls for your ERP

  • Includes a number of out-of-the-box tools ERP identity governance and administration management:

    • AlliedMedia will supply additional tools as needed 

Automate Server Hardening

Server hardening, also known as operating system hardening, is the process of making a server more resistant to security threats. Companies need to prioritize server hardening in order to remain one step ahead of hackers and malware.

BAAR makes the server hardening process simple and inexpensive:

  • Improves the overall operating system:

    • Maximizes performance and minimizes the risk of data breaches

  • Includes a number of out-of-the-box tools for server hardening:

    • AlliedMedia will supply additional tools as needed to meet corporate security needs

Automate Patch Management

Software developers are constantly releasing new security patches for various applications, programs, and operating systems. It can be difficult for employees to manage all the security patches across a complex digital infrastructure without falling behind.

The purpose of a security patch is to resolve a vulnerability that has been found by the software developer or publicly exposed, thereby allowing users to remain one step ahead of hackers and malware. If a company falls behind with their patches, or neglects to install them, it risks opening the door for valuable data to be stolen.

BAAR offers a simple way to manage security patches:

  • Protects applications that are susceptible to cyberattacks:

    • Installs patches as needed across the company’s digital infrastructure

  • Handles patches on premise or in the cloud:

    • Simplifies patch management so employees can focus on other tasks

Automate Digital Testing and Controls Automation

Digital testing and controls automation, also known as intelligent automation, helps companies to reduce their risk profile, uncover valuable insights, and modernize controls, thereby fostering an environment conducive to continuous monitoring. It is important for companies to use the best available tools for their testing procedures.


BAAR features out-of-the-box workflows to automate the testing of controls:

  • Workflows can be deployed when needed:

    • Can run workflows on an ad-hoc basis or continuously monitor controls at scheduled intervals

  • Includes a number of out-of-the-box tools for controls testing:

    • AlliedMedia will supply additional custom-built features to meet corporate

Set up BAAR and Enhance Your Company’s IGA Potential

This was just an overview of BAAR’s IGA capabilities – our virtual agent can do much more for your company.

If you’re interested in learning more about how BAAR can help your company achieve its potential, contact us today to request a demo.

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