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Elevate IT User Experiences and Process Outcomes
—Automate IT Service Management (ITSM) for Your Company with BAAR


ITSM is a crucial aspect of customer relations for most large companies, but IT employees often lack the tools necessary to deliver a superior user experience.

  • Password resets are the largest tickets generated by the IT helpdesk, forcing the helpdesk to devote an inordinate amount of time to resolving them.

  • Due to human negligence in conducting thorough stress testing, handling outage-related service requests remains a major challenge for IT staff.

  • Provision access is a complex and time-intensive process, both for customers and for employees who must be on-boarded.


AlliedMedia has the automation solution your company needs to give its ITSM department a competitive edge: BAAR.


  • BAAR (Business Automation, AI, and Robotics) is a virtual agent, our multi-pronged automation solution to a variety of corporate needs. 

  • With BAAR, your company’s ITSM helpdesk and other staff members will gain a powerful tool to render their work more efficient and productive, allowing them to deliver a superior user experience to your customers.

This page details how BAAR can optimize your company’s ITSM department. Please refer to our other pages for more information on BAAR’s HR, Legal, Finance, Supply Chain, and IGA (Identity, Governance, and Administration) capabilities.

Automate Password Reset Tickets for Your IT Helpdesk

The IT helpdesk of any large firm is plagued with tickets requesting password resets. A password reset request is of paramount importance to the customer who sent it (without the password, they cannot access the IT service) but represents a massive time drain for the IT helpdesk.

Instead of devoting their time to more complex queries, helpdesk staff are forced to spend hours every week, or even every day, actioning password reset requests that could be handled in seconds by an automated system.


BAAR handles password reset tickets in a secure and efficient manner:

  • Integrates with existing systems:

    • Receives password-related requests by email, text, or other modes of input

  • Resolves password reset requests:

    • Validates the user by way of secure, multi-factor authentication

    • Resets the password as requested by the user

Automate Password Reset Tickets for Your IT Helpdesk

Stress testing is the best precaution companies can take to prevent outages, but as more and more changes are made to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) core systems, it becomes increasingly complex to carry out tests.

Due to limited time or resources, customers and ITSM staff may neglect to adequately test critical applications. However, this ostensible time-saving measure only results in more outages and service requests down the road, which in turn take up more time and resources to resolve, thereby continuing the cycle. In particular, it is challenging for ITSM staff to keep sending users updates on the status of the outage.


BAAR provides an easy way to conduct thorough stress testing to minimize outages, as well as help with handing any service requests that emerge:

  • Stress Testing:

    • Sets up the use case for the customer so they can run it from the cloud

    • After the customer provides the details, access, and number of concurrent users, BAAR will generate the volume

  • Service Requests:

    • Receives incident reports from users sent over text, email, or other instant messaging channels

    • Accesses the ticket management system and creates a ticket

    • Sends regular messages to the ticket owner and can communicate updates to the asset owners

Automate Provision Access and Employee On-Boarding

Provision access takes up a great deal of time for ITSM staff because if it’s not done carefully, people may lack access to the systems and accounts they need, or gain access to the ones they aren’t authorized to use.

This applies equally to customers and to new employees that must be on-boarded within a company. The litany of tasks that must be completed to on-board a new employee is often not finished by their first day of work. This results in days or weeks of reduced productivity for that new employee – a sunk cost for the company.


BAAR can handle provision access requests and work with your HR team to efficiently on-board new employees:

  • Provision Access:

    • Integrates with existing systems – can read form emails or a ticket management system

    • Provisions access after following a series authentication and authorization steps

  • Employee On-boarding:

    • Can be automatically notified of new employees or be manually notified by HR staff

    • Creates an email ID for the new employee, orders the required hardware, and sets up software licenses for Office 365, Adobe, antivirus protection, etc.

    • Provisions access to the systems the new employee will need to use

Set up BAAR for Your Company Today

This was just an overview of BAAR’s ITSM capabilities – our virtual agent can do much more for your company.

If you’re interested in learning more about how BAAR can help your company achieve its potential, contact us today to request a demo.

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