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Becoming our Partner 

Our goal is to earn our customer’s trust and maximise value to their business by way of innovation, creation and delivery of products and solutions with integrity and honesty. Integration of legacy and newage applications helps connect anything anywhere. Our focus is to provide a platform that the client’s team can manage as well as build new workflows on, by themselves.

Allied Media works with a variety of partner types to help transform businesses. 

SME Partners

•Individual or boutique firm

•Provides expertise to build solutions

•Revenue share when the solution is sold to any customer

Solution Partners

•Dedicated team for BAAR

•Build productized offerings

•Revenue through addon license cost or productized offering and PS

Delivery Partners

•Mid to large sized  consulting firms and software integrators

•Sales as well as solution build and implementation

•Revenue share on license cost. PS revenue.

Technology Partners

•Companies or individuals

•Provide technology solutions that can be used as part of BAAR or DocVision

•Revenue, percentage of license cost

Network Partners

•Individuals or boutique firm

•Use their network for customer acquisition

•Revenue share when a sale takes place

Training Partners

•Companies or individuals

•Provide technology solutions that can be used as part of BAAR or DocVision

•Revenue, percentage of license cost

What we offer

We automate processes through BAAR-Business Automation, AI & Robotics.BAAR is an expansive AI enabled transformation ecosystem, a fully integrated cognitive framework that has embodied in it capabilities of cognitive automation along with Artificial Intelligence. This helps provide smart transformation (Smart digital employees).

BAAR logo FINAL.png
Business Automation, AI and Robotics

Digitalize your Operations

Support to our partners

Training provided to build a team that can deliver and support solutions built on BAAR, DocVision and other Allied Media products.To allow the partner to work with less skilled teams or teams with alternate skills (e.g. technical BA’s), the Allied Media team will deliver plugin nodes for custom solutions, which can become part of the editor. If partners want the Allied Media professional services team to build end to end solutions, special rates are provided.Partners can request functionality they feel will enhance customer experience or capability coverage of the Allied Media products Access to product SME’s to help with solution architecture for complex projects Notifications and training will be provided on new releases of existing products as well as new products.

Low-Code platform for Workflow Driven 'Hyperautomation'

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