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Automate a Manual Process in under a Minute

We are all living in the new digital world of today where speed and sprightliness are at the top of the game.

Businesses of today should spend longer in closing the next big deal or preparing for a new launch and not on the clerical task of data extraction.

DocVision, our intelligent OCR tool - turns that into a reality. With Ai, ML, and NLP at their core, this truly cognitive tool helps get the job done with minimal effort and high accuracy. This helps our customers stay relieved from the time wasted on manual and repetitive tasks such as invoice processing, manually extracting data and sourcing information from documents. DocVision allows you to automate several actions and processes in a single workflow in a matter of minutes. This powerful NO CODE machine learning tool gives our users the ability to create, customize, train and implement extraction workflows to obtain information from any kind of document in the world, effortlessly.

Whether this is structured, unstructured, or tabular data, DocVision can extract any type of information from scanned documents or images with a click of a button.

This helps our customers maintain focus on achieving the main goals.

DocVision's instant data capture technology helps increase ROIs, improve visibility, increase employee productivity, and reduce errors.

In a sea of OCR Tools, DocVision's easy-to-use interface helps our customers access day-to-day workflows making this a tool of choice for Citizen led development. Our real-time analysis gives users daily insights into each project ensuring a systematic project management system.

Here's how simple creating a workflow on DocVision is -

Select the document source ➤ Select the document type (template or custom) ➤ Select action (classification/extraction) ➤ Setup the rules and parameters for extraction/classification ➤ Select output destination ➤ Verification and Reconciliation from the Workbench and publish the workflow

Creating drag-and-drop extraction workflows and integrating DocVision with other platforms for a seamless deployment within a matter of minutes has changed the game completely!

Reach out to us or any of our partners for a demo and see how DocVision can propel your operational efficiencies.

Drop in an email or get in touch with us -

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