Limitless Automation in a Limited World

Hyper-Automation: Shaping the future of automation of processes

The Hyper automation Buzz! Many might think they have seen the best era of Robot process automation (RPA), maybe they have, but I believe there’s a lot they haven’t seen yet.


With the integration of Hyper Automation, business platforms can be segregated and automated using hyper-automation tools.

In this article, we are going to demystify what hyper-automation is, the benefits, and how companies can position themselves for this pragmatic shift.

Don't just Automate, Hyper Automate

Now is the time to take full advantage of hyperautomation tools available to help you reach your maximum potential by doing more, discovering more and also witnessing the valuable benefits of hyper-automation on your digital transformation journey.

Involve more people in the process, build more robots and use more tools and platforms like BAAR platform that allows you to connect your enterprise to drive full-scale automation and empower Business leaders to efficiently manage the lifecycle of many automation projects.

The bandwagon of hyperautomation is moving fast, with various industries implementing different forms of hyper automation to scale their business processes. There is so much more to hyperautomation, and if you’re bent on scaling RPA in your enterprise, hyperautomation can definitely foster your digital transformation goal.

What is Hyperautomation

Hyper automation isn’t just a fundamental name (we can denote that from how basic it sounds) it goes way beyond our imagination. Yes, it is one of the most ideal sectors in the tech market recently with uttermost potential. Why all the attention? Hyper automation goes far beyond what RPA brings to the table. It’s the fusion of several process automation tools that helps speed up its ability to automate more processes and work load.  It starts with RPA as the foundation and then leverages the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, process mining and other advanced tools that expands the power of automation. With hyper-automation, many organizations swiftly transform their business models, deliver more excellent customer experience while automating more and more work.  Just recently, hyper-automation was ranked amongst the top 10 technology trends alongside human augmentation multi-experience, and distributed cloud for 2020 presented by at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo. This shows the tremendous capability the tech is going to offer many enterprises in just a few months’ time.

  Benefits of Hyperautomation

With hyperautomation, work becomes better, quick, and seamless with software powered robots following already laid down principles. Once incorporated into the enterprise, hyperautomation can help optimize business growth and unlock more opportunities in the following ways;

  • It empowers work teams in the company to quickly adopt the digital transformation without anything to worry about.       

  • With the integration of AI, business processes can be segregated and automated for specific purposes.                      

  • It bridges the gap between humans and robots, bringing them together through automation that cuts across basic/complex business operations.                                              

  • The risks of human errors are reduced as automated machines are designed and calibrated for accuracy and precision.                                                                                              

  • The overall increase in productivity leading to higher results.   

  • It Improves job quality by eliminating tedious and tiring workload for human involvement.