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What is Digital Labour

Digital agents using artificial intelligence make cognitive automation happen. These agents Perceive, Reason and Learn over time, making them more efficient as time goes by. A Critical component of the future of the work place are digital agents. A Digital agent is your digital employee who has perform transactions, interact with customers, software applications, network components read documents and send emails as well as make calls.

Benefits of Digital employees

The benefits of digital employees extend beyond just a saving in the cost. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Better Quality:

The digital agent always follow all rules to be followed for performing a particular task. This leads to a much greater level of accuracy and enhanced quality.

Cost Savings:

It has been estimated that transformation of processes using digital agents can save operational costs by as much as 20-40%.  This saving is further amplified due to the other benefits detailed here

Increased Productivity:

Digital agents can be setup to work 24/7, with no vacations, coffee breaks etc. This provides a lot more output in a shorter span of time. Moreover, employees who were performing these tasks are now available to perform other tasks with better focus.

Better process monitoring:

Every step in the process can be recorded and analysed with ease. This greatly helps to optimize the process hence allowing continuous improvement, with ease. This also helps audits and reporting for compliance and reporting.


All businesses see peaks where scaling up is needed, maybe for a short duration of time. Hiring the right employees and training them is not only a huge cost, but also very time consuming. New hands at performing the task often lead to errors. Scaling up digital agentss is not only very quick, but they will follow instructions to the dot.

Effortless System integration:

Integration of legacy systems is always a challenge. Digital agents allow an effortless integration strategy, that can be used as both, an interim as well as permanent solution.

Benefits of Onsite delivery:

Digital agents helps keep the work in-house, without the expense on a local resource. It helps alleviate all the problems of outsourcing. Both from a delivery as well as data security perspective. 

Process improvement:

Over time, the processes evolve (for the better or worse) due to constraints at that particular point in time. While transforming the processes are made more efficient. This further increases the process efficiency.

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